Roofing emergencies can be stressful for a homeowner, whether due to mother nature or other unforeseen issues. In an emergency, The Roofing Company Inc. can get to you in as little as 12 hours to provide the necessary temporary or permanent repairs to prevent further damage.

If the damage is storm related and covered by insurance, we will work with your insurance company from beginning to end. To learn more about the step by step process, visit our Storm Damage page.

In An Emergency

Don’t go on your roof yourself! It can be very dangerous and it isn’t worth you getting hurt. Sometimes there are bigger issues and your roof may be compromised more than you can see. Instead, focus on moving or covering items inside the home near the problem area so they don’t become damaged. Call us immediately.

How to Prevent Roofing Emergencies in the Future

Many roofing emergencies are out of your control, due to mother nature’s wrath or unforeseen accidents. However, some are preventable when managed correctly:

  • Storm Damage – When a storm hits, call us for a free inspection. We can assess wind and hail damage and work with your insurance company. Learn more. [link]
  • Fallen Tree Limbs – Whether it is your own tree or a neighbors, proper tree care and cuttings will help prevent these accidents. Look out for rotted trees ready to fall and get them cut down.
  • Improper Installation – When hiring a roofing company, make sure they are licensed and insured, reputable, and have good reviews. When new roofs are installed wrong, it can lead to ventilation issues, leaks, and many other future problems that may pop up out of nowhere.
  • Delayed Maintenance – If you don’t keep up with simple repairs throughout the life of your roof, it could lead to more costly emergency repairs or replacement. Call us for a free roof inspection and let us handle the small repairs before they turn into larger costly repairs.
  • Natural Wear & Tear – If you wait too long to replace your aging roof, it could lead to an emergency replacement with possible damage to the interior of your home. Get a free inspection to learn your risks.